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Space command platform
Falcon uav

Integration of ground and ground

With the fiber optic perimeter intrusion alarm system as the core,
the linkage video monitoring system and the uav monitoring system,
combined with the uav countermeasures system and the security
check system, constitute an integrated defense system for the ground.

Falcon uav

Monitor, dispose

The system can effectively monitor the illegal behaviors of aerial crossing and aerial
throwing, and make fast video combination and tracking of the intrusion. Once the
alarm signal appears, the uav will take off for high-altitude monitoring and tracking,
and collect evidence from multiple angles by means of ball control and uav. Drone
surveillance can effectively track fleeing suspects and provide guidance for security
guards to track intruders.

Falcon uav

Precise positioning

When the illegal intruder crosses the warning line, the optical fiber
alarm is triggered,and the alarm host starts the alarm signal
Through the linkage device, the alarm position is displayed on the
electronic map and the position information is sent to each The
sub-system, the monitoring and control center automatically
displays the alarm message on the floor plan Interest point, so
that the operator on duty timely learn alarm information, and
quickly, effectively and correctly Alert handling.

Application scenarios
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Technical parameters
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